Woolies for Sale
Wooliedales Etc.
by Carol at Usher Associates, LLC


The Brementown Terriers


(Winner of competitions in VT, KS & NY)

$400. (plus $8. S&H & $5.50 Ins.)  




$110. (plus $6. S&H & $3.35 Ins.)


Day's End


$350. (plus $6. S&H & $5.50 Ins.)




Roo (& baby)

10"x5"x11" (long tail!)

$325. (plus $6. S&H & $5.50 Ins.)

Eight Below


$150. (plus $6. S&H & $3.35 Ins.)



4"x4" + 2" tail

$85. (plus $6. S&H & $2.30 Ins.)



Only Roo is available for sale at the moment because I have been busy with commission work. I hope to have other pieces here 'soon.'

If you'd like to purchase only one, click on the PayPal button under your choice. Postage and insurance (according to USPS rate tables) will be automatically included when you click the PayPal button.

If you'd prefer to pay by check or ask me a question, click  (wooliedales@gmail.com) to contact me.

Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail in the U.S. The postage and handling cost for each item is $8 unless otherwise shown (recent increase in postage by USPS! sorry.). If you order two, I will ship both for $8. and will add the appropriate insurance cost.

NOTE: If you are shipping outside the U.S. or DO NOT want the insurance for a purchase under $100., DO NOT click the PayPal button. Instead, email me and I will tell you how to proceed.



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